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What is a Bail Bondsman?

A bondsman pays the bail of a criminal suspect awaiting trial in exchange for a percentage-based fee. It’s basically a loan. This allows a suspect who lacks the funds to pay bail, to be free until their trial date without…

Bail Reform Being Considered in Kansas

Why is Bail Reform Being Considered in Kansas After All Its Failures? A movement to do away with bail bonds is gaining strength in a number of jurisdictions around the country. The original theory behind this bail reform was that…

Kansas Bail Reform

Kansas May Soon Allow Computers to Decide Who is Set Free from Jail Bail reform measures currently under consideration by the Kansas Criminal Justice Reform Commission could drastically alter the way we determine which inmates should stay in jail while…
Can A Bail Bondsman Kick In My Door

Can A Bail Bondsman Kick In My Door?

A bail bondsman cannot kick in your door. However, a bounty hunter, can. When you sign the agreement to pay a bail bonds agency a percent of the bail money and you end up missing your court date, usually in…
How Much Is A $2500 Bail Bond

How Much Is A $2500 Bail Bond?

If the amount of bail is set at $2500, you can either pay it yourself upfront and get a refund after you appear in court, or you can pay a bail bondsman 10% of the total to put the money…

The Arnold Foundation and the Failed Attempt at Bail Reform

The Failed Attempt at Bail Reform In spite of the valuable services that companies like Big Fish provide to people in need—not to mention the judicial system—the bail bond industry has been under attack. This is no grassroots uprising; it’s…

12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds Most people know very little about bail bonds until someone in their life is arrested. Then you need a crash course, which is what this article is; a quick reference to the most common…

The Official Guide to Bail Bonds in Kansas

When an individual is arrested, a judge may decide to set bail depending on the severity of the crime. This acts as an assurance that the defendant will appear for future court dates. When bail is set, this dollar amount…

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages?

Here's What Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages? If you can’t afford to pay your bail while awaiting trial, you may decide to pay a bail bondsman to “loan” you the money for a 10 percent fee. The bond contract will…

How Pretrial Release Practices Affect Bail Bonds

Kansas’ Pretrial Release Practices May Be Changing Imagine you’re arrested and booked into jail. Do you know what happens next? Assuming charges have been pressed against you, you will have a court appearance in front of a judge – usually…