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What Is An Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant gives police the right to find someone and to take them to jail until they see a judge based on probable cause, which means they have enough proof to prove you may be guilty of a crime.…
harvey county inmate search

Warrant Search for Harvey County, KS

If someone you know was arrested in Harvey County, KS, they are likely in the Harvey County Detention Center at 120 E 7th St, Office # 901, Newton, KS, 67114 (View Map) then you have to call the number (316)…
bounty hunter

Can A Bounty Hunter Come Into Your House?

Yes. Standard bail bond agreements usually come with a section you sign allowing the bounty hunters to find and detain you.  Bounty hunters in some circumstances have more authority than the police, including breaking and entering a home if they…

Can You Bail Someone Out Of Jail Without Money?

Custom agreements can be made to accept partial payments over time or even using valuables and collateral, such as jewelry, a car or a house. Since bail bonds companies are privately owned, it is up to the agents or owners…

Will Bail Bondsmen Take Payments?

Yes. Bail bondsmen can take payments. Custom agreements can even be made to accept partial payments over time or even using collateral like jewelry, a car or a house. It's at the discretion of the bond agency and based on…

What Are Bail Bonds Used For?

Bail bonds are used to pay the court as assurance that you will appear in court at your appointed court date. If you pay the bail money directly to the court, you will be paying the full amount of the…

How Much Is A $2500 Bail Bond?

If the amount of bail is set at $2500, you can either pay it yourself upfront and get a refund after you appear in court, or you can pay a bail bondsman 10% of the total to put the money…
how much is a 100000 bail bond

How Much Is A $100,000 Bail Bond?

A $100,000 bail bond is usually for a more serious crime, and for a bail bondsman fee to front that kind of money for you would be 10% of the total bail bond. So you would pay the bail bondsman…

What is a Bail Bondsman?

A bondsman pays the bail of a criminal suspect awaiting trial in exchange for a percentage-based fee. It’s basically a loan. This allows a suspect who lacks the funds to pay bail, to be free until their trial date without…

Bail Reform Being Considered in Kansas

Why is Bail Reform Being Considered in Kansas After All Its Failures? A movement to do away with bail bonds is gaining strength in a number of jurisdictions around the country. The original theory behind this bail reform was that…