Residential Living

Residential Living by Big Fish Bail Bonds

Big Fish has been a bail bond company for over 18yrs! We have experienced the ups and downs with many of our clients and seen the repercussions after sentencing. As a bond company we try our best to remain neutral on each case and not be biased to the client or the victim in any manner. Here at Big Fish we want to be involved in the solution and help to aid in the process, by providing more opportunities that would help prevent our clients from needing our bond service in the future. Having seen how hard it is to rent a place with a felony or on parole, Residential Living by Big Fish was founded. Big Fish will provide a residence that is safe, sober, and supportive! We will provide beginning necessities when a resident moves in and have the resources to help direct individuals to employers as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

  • Tenants will have a weekly rent of $115.00 with a $80.00 deposit-
  • Subject to random UA’s as we seek to keep a safe and sober living environment-
  • Active employment-
  • A midnight curfew –
  • Weekly Chores as house-
  • To follow all local city & state laws-
  • A zero tolerance on violence –
  • There will be no one under 18 permitted at the house and all guest must be drug & alcohol free as they are an extension of the resident-
    10pm curfew for guests-
  • Midnight curfew for residents (to be courtesy to those who wake up early)

Our hope is that with opportunity & structure a resident will have a better chance of success and acceptance!

The Big Fish House is located at 2525 E. Pawnee in Wichita, KS, 67211.

Call 316-262-4100 to inquire about living at the The Big Fish House

The Big Fish House - Residential Living by Big Fish Bail Bonds