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Bail Bond Industry Statistics

The bail bond services industry comprises establishments that offer security bonds, which are backed through insurance firms. These insurance firms cover the risks associated with the granting of pre-trial release to defendants. The concept of bail was brought into effect…

Baby Shark Dance – Big Fish Bail Bonds Video


The Modern-Day Attack on Bail Bond Agencies

The Modern-Day Attack on Bail Bond Agencies - In May of 2018, Google announced that they would be prohibiting ads relating to bail bond services from all of their platforms. This announcement caused shock and anger amongst many businesses and…

T-REX Bail Bond Agent


Shark Man & His Sidekick Pat “The Big Fish” Hiebert


The Ban of Bail Bond Advertising in 2018

Google and Facebook Banned Ads for Bail Bond Agencies On May 7th of 2018, both Google and Facebook announced they will no longer take money from bail bond agencies - eliminating advertising from these agencies from both of their platforms.…

When is it Time to Hire a Fugitive Recovery Agent?

When is it Time to Hire a Fugitive Recovery Agent.... When you’ve paid someone’s bail, and they miss a court appearance, then they fail to surrender within a certain period of time, you’ve lost your money. Unless the person can…