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Payment Options

We have several payment options to choose from. Check out the list below or call 316-262-4100

  • We accept all major credit cards and have payment plans for all Bail Bond situations!
  • CALL US if you have any questions about the bail bond process. Info is free and is kept confidential.
  • Discount on BIG Bonds and with some Bail Bonds no collateral is needed!
  • Serving Wichita, Sedgwick County, Butler County, Sumner County, Greenwood County and Elk County.
  • Call NOW and have your loved one wake up at home. 316-262-4100

If you are reading this and you have someone or know someone who is in jail and needs to get out of jail now, you’ve found the right place!

If we had our way we’d be there to release everyone. Although it might never happen, we’d still like to clear out Sedgwick County Detention Facility and others. We believe in freedom! So call us! 316-262-4100