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How Does An Inmate Know They Have Money On Their Books?

How Does An Inmate Know They Have Money On Their Books?

Inmates typically have several ways to find out if they have money on their books (commissary accounts) while incarcerated.

Here are some common methods…

  1. Commissary Slip – In many correctional facilities, inmates receive a printed slip or receipt when money is deposited into their commissary account. This slip usually includes information about the deposit amount and the inmate’s current account balance.
  2. Notification from Family or Friends – Inmates may receive notifications from friends or family members who have deposited money into their commissary accounts. This could be through letters, phone calls, or visits, where the sender informs the inmate of the deposit.
  3. Commissary Orders – When inmates place orders through the facility’s commissary, they may be notified at that time if they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the purchase. If they attempt to purchase items and do not have enough money, they may also be informed at that point.
  4. Inmate Account Statement – Some correctional facilities provide inmates with access to account statements or transaction histories for their commissary accounts. Inmates may be able to request this information from correctional staff or access it through an inmate kiosk system, if available.
  5. Communication with Correctional Staff – Inmates can also inquire about the balance of their commissary account by speaking directly with correctional staff, such as a corrections officer or a staff member assigned to the commissary.

The availability of these methods may vary depending on the policies and procedures of the specific correctional facility. Inmates may not always have immediate access to information about their account balances, and they may need to wait for scheduled times or specific opportunities to check their balances or receive notifications.