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Why You Should Use a Bail Bond Agent

Let’s begin by clarifying what bail actually is.

If you are arrested for a serious crime, you will not be released from custody unless the court is confident you will show up for all hearings and trials. If they feel you are not likely to do so, they will require you to pay some amount of money – the bail. To post bail, you can pay cash directly to the court. After this is done, you will be released from jail.

Now, if you find that you do not have enough money to cover the bail, the court will accept a bail bond. A bail bond is simply a promise by an insured business – a bail bond company – to pay the entire amount on your behalf.

However, if you do not show up to the scheduled court dates, you will have forfeited rights to what was paid to the court and you will not receive that money back.

Will the court accept my bail bond?

Other ways bail bond agents can help?

So what are the other ways in which bail bond companies can help, should this instance occur? We’ve outlined just a few of the benefits these bond agents can provide. Keep on reading to find out what they are!

1. You Have a Right to Due Process Under the 8th Amendment of the Constitution

Let’s face it. It’s an unpleasant situation when you or someone you know is arrested. It causes stress for family, friends, or anyone closely involved with the person who was arrested. So how can we help minimize the stress if you happen to find yourself in this situation. First and foremost, know your rights.

Under the Eighth Amendment, every citizen has the right to bail. When someone has posted bail, they are guaranteed release from jail until their court date, whenever that may be. The amount of bail set is dependent on the crime committed, so some amounts are more reasonable than others. However, that doesn’t mean everyone can afford to post bail for themselves or a loved one. That’s where bail bond agents come into play.

You Have a Right to Due Process Under the 8th Amendment of the Constitution

2. You’ll Gain a Professional with Experience and Knowledge

The process of the judicial system can be confusing and overwhelming. Accepting help from any sort of professional throughout the process of an arrest can help to alleviate some of those worries. One of those types of professionals would be bail bond agents.

Most people may not understand how bail bonds work. If you’re one of those people, hire an agent to help guide you throughout the process. When you hire a bail bond agent, you are gaining access to someone who knows the rights of the arrested party, as well as the limitations of the law.

Experienced agents can give you a layout of how the legal process will work, dependent upon your individual case, what you should expect, and how you can prepare. Reputable professionals will work to protect both your loved ones and your assets.

3. Speed Up the Release Process

If you’re tight on funds and can’t reasonably afford to post bail, you or your loved one could end up staying in jail for much longer than necessary just waiting for their trial to begin. Experienced bail bond companies have developed a sleuth of contacts within the legal system, which could help speed up the process and get either you or your loved one released and back home quickly.

A group of inmates heading to the pods for an extended stay until a bond is set or until they make their first appearance. They are in desperate need of a bondsman!

Along the same lines, bail companies with years of experience have more than likely also developed relationships within the courts. If the court knows the bail bond company and have found them to be reliable, that gives you someone vouching for you on the inside. If you weren’t working with a professional, it could take years to build the same type of trust and relationship, which is just not reasonable at all.

If the bail bond company you choose is experienced enough and the accused crime is minor, you get could out in less than 24 hours. The more time one spends in jail, the more time they are away from their job, which provides them the ability to earn their living, and could even possibly result in losing their job altogether.

4. Help Navigating Through the Paperwork

Believe it or not, there is a lot of paperwork involved in regards to filing a bail bond. This paperwork can often become confusing and difficult to understand. Bail bond agents are very familiar with this paperwork and will help guide you through completing all of the forms.

Having an expert who’s at your disposal to help you navigate through the paperwork will also prevent future headaches. Even a small mistake in the filing of the paperwork could result in longer jail time, a delayed hearing, or even rescheduled proceedings. Don’t let a minor mistake cause an already unpleasant process to be strung along even longer.

Big Fish Bail Bonds is your advocate to help you and your family though the headaches of being bonded out.

5. Keep Your Finances Private

Surprisingly, when people have enough money on hand to pay for bail, courts will often become apprehensive. For whoever is providing the bail money, they could be asked by the court to provide proof that the funds are valid and that their money was earned legally. Talk about problematic!

In order to investigate this, the judge could demand copies of bank statements, tax documents, and pay stubs to prove your assets reflect your ability to pay the bail. Bail bond agents will not ask you to provide such proof. And, let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do when you find yourself in this position is to go through all that extra hassle of gathering up multiple documents just to get someone out of jail and back home.

Because of bail bond companies’ experience in working within the court system, they are much less likely to be scrutinized when posting bail on someone’s behalf.

6. Your Money Stays with You

Bail is basically just a way for the court to ensure that the accused party will show up when they are required. But, with the average bail being so high, most families cannot afford to pay those costs upfront.

See the light, trust Big Fish Bail Bonds to help you no matter your situation. Their moto, Big or Small We Release Them All! is truely what Big Fish's bond agents believe.

When going through a bail bond company, all you’re required to pay upfront is a portion of the total bond – usually around 10%. So let’s say the total bail set was for $10,000. If the fee required by the agent is the 10%, you will only be out $1,000, as opposed to having to pay the full $10,000 to the court. After this percentage is paid to the agent, the bondsmen will act as a surety on the defendant’s behalf.

Depending on the severity of the crime, the whole process – from beginning to end – could take several months. If you can afford to go multiple months and not miss the full $10,000, great! But if you can’t, you don’t have to. Using a bail bond company keeps your money in your pocket, instead of in the hands of someone else. And at the end of it, you’ll only be out the $1,000 – that is, assuming the defendant attends all hearings and trials.

Why You Should Use a Bail Bond Agent - If you can't afford to get out of jail, don't worry, Big Fish Bail Bonds has options to help!

Even More Advantages to Using a Bail Bond Company

Locate Family and Friends Who Have Been Arrested

If someone you love has been arrested, it can be a chaotic experience. The first thing most want to find out is where the person who was arrested is being held. On your own, you may not be able to find this information.

Calling a bail bond company, however can give you almost all of the information you need. They can tell you where your loved one is being held, whether a bail has been set and what the amount is, and also whether a surety bond is allowed.

Help with Turning Yourself In

Sometimes there are instances in which you find out you have an active warrant out on you. If this happens to you, would you know where to begin? Well you will now, should you find yourself in this situation.

If you call a bondsman, they can find out information regarding the warrant for you. The information could include anything from what jurisdiction the charge is coming from, what exactly the charge is, and, of course, if there is a bond and the amount.

Once you find out there is a warrant out for your arrest and you’ve gathered more information, you should turn yourself in. A bondsman can meet you at the police department or sheriff’s office to help begin the paperwork process while you are being booked. This will also help you to be released as soon as possible.

Why You Should Use a Bail Bond Agent - Hiring an agent will not only speed up the process, but they can offer advice and assistance that you may not find elsewhere.

Big Fish Bail Bonds is Here to Help Ease Your Mind

An experienced bail bond agent is an invaluable asset available to you in what are typically very stressful times. It might seem that the only way to handle such situations is by doing so yourself, but that is definitely not the case.

Hiring an agent will not only speed up the process, but they can offer advice and assistance that you may not find elsewhere. The Big Fish Bail Bond team, based out of Wichita, Kansas, will handle your case with the upmost discretion and honesty.

At Big Fish Bail Bonds, you have access to 24-hour bail bond services, with instant bail bond approvals. We ensure a confidential, speedy, and cost-effective experience. We serve the entire state of Kansas.

If you’re needing a trustworthy bail agent, call (316) 262-4100 and ask for Terry or Pat at Big Fish Bail Bonds!