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Warrant Search for Harvey County, KS

Sedgwick county inmate search

If someone you know was arrested in Harvey County, KS, they are likely in the Harvey County Detention Center at 120 E 7th St, Office # 901, Newton, KS, 67114 (View Map) then you have to call the number (316) 284-6959 to find out. If you need to pay a bond or find out what the bond amount is for someone in Harvey Detention Center, also call (316) 284-6959 to find out.

Big Fish Bail Bonds is a registered bail bonds agent for Harvey County. Whatever the bail amount is set to by the court, instead of paying that full amount to the court, you can instead pay just 10% to a bondsman in order to bail your friend or family member out of jail. So long as the inmate makes their court date, you are not obligated to pay the full amount, just the 10% to the bondsman. So if the bail is $2000, you would pay $200 to the bondsman to bail them out.

We do bail bonds for all of Harvey County, including the following cities…

harvey county detention center