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Get bailed out 24/7 – A 60 year old bean farmer lived in Kansas. He loved to plant beans in his field. But he was old and his tractor was broke down and his son was in the county jail. So the old man sent him a letter.

The old farmer explained the problem: “Dear son, I am very sad because I cannot plant the beans, because my tractor is broke and I am too old to dig this field. I’m sure if you were here you’d dig this field for me. I miss you much – Love, Dad.”

Then following day, the old farmer received a letter from his son, “My dear old paw, please don’t touch the field, I’ve hidden “That THING” there. I miss you too – Love, Billy.”

At 4pm the next day the KBI and the Sheriff officers visited the house of the old farmer and dug up the field looking for “That THING” but they found nothing. Disappointed they left.

A day later the old farmer received another letter from his son. “My dear old paw, I’m glad the field is dug up now. Now you can plant them beans. That’s all I could do for you from here in the county jail. I love you Billy.

This is kind of funny, but being in Jail isn’t.

Get bailed out 24 / 7, Jail Sucks, especially when people are depending on you.

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