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Wichita PT Clinic 3D Motion Lab

If you have been injured in an accident or violent crime or are going through rehab to repair an injury from sports then Wichita Physical Therapy Group is an amazing resource. They have the only 3D motion room in Sedgwick County where you can step into the room and see yourself and your skeletal structure moving around on the screen to see where you are weak and strong, so they can correct and balance your body out.

From Wichita PT Group…

Wichita PT Group’s 3D Motion Lab is a motion sensor room that can see if people are off-balance to a micro degree and show them what needs to be corrected. Powered by DARI, the lab can collect objective biomechanical data on individuals or entire teams in a matter of hours, giving athletes, physical therapists, and training staff the tools to transform their motion. See it on the Kansas Business website online.

They are located at 2146 N Collective Ln Ste 114, Wichita, KS, near Greenwich & 21st. The owners, Mark and Jon, have been helping people in the Wichita area for most of their lives and are extremely good people who love helping other people get better, and they support the Wichita community.