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What Is An Alias Warrant?

What Is An Alias Warrant?

An alias warrant is a type of warrant issued by a court when an individual fails to appear for a scheduled court hearing. When a person misses a court date, the judge may issue a warrant for their arrest to ensure their appearance in court. This warrant is called an alias warrant, also known as a bench warrant.

The term “alias” is used because the warrant is issued in the person’s name (or alias) to compel them to appear before the court. These warrants are typically issued for minor offenses, such as traffic violations or misdemeanor charges, but they can also be issued for more serious offenses.

If an individual becomes aware that there is an alias warrant out for their arrest, they are generally advised to contact an attorney or the court as soon as possible to address the situation. Depending on the circumstances, they may be able to resolve the matter by voluntarily appearing in court and addressing the reason for their failure to appear. Ignoring an alias warrant can lead to further legal consequences, including potential arrest and additional charges.