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What Is A No Bond Warrant?

What Is A No Bond Warrant?

A “no bond” warrant, also known as a “hold without bond” or “detain without bond” warrant, is a type of arrest warrant issued by a court indicating that the individual subject to the warrant should be detained in custody without the option of posting bail or bond.

These warrants are typically issued in situations where the court believes that the individual poses a significant flight risk, a danger to the community, or is likely to fail to appear for scheduled court proceedings. They may be issued in cases involving serious offenses, repeat offenders, individuals with a history of failing to appear in court, or individuals who are deemed a threat to public safety.

When a no-bond warrant is issued, law enforcement officers are authorized to arrest the individual named in the warrant and hold them in custody until they can be brought before a judge for a hearing to determine whether a bond should be granted. At the hearing, the judge will assess the circumstances of the case and decide whether to set bail, modify bail conditions, or continue to hold the individual without bond.

The specific procedures and criteria for issuing and handling no bond warrants can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the laws governing criminal procedure in that jurisdiction.