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What Is A Level 5 Felony In Kansas?

What Is A Level 5 Felony In Kansas?

In Kansas, felony offenses are categorized into lettered levels ranging from Level 1 to Level 10, with Level 1 being the most severe and Level 10 being the least severe. Kansas does not specifically use the term “Level 5 felony” to classify offenses. Kansas uses a grid system to determine the severity level of a felony based on the severity level of the crime and the offender’s criminal history.

The Kansas Sentencing Guidelines Grid takes into account both the severity of the current offense (e.g., severity level of the crime) and the offender’s prior criminal history. The grid determines the presumptive sentence for an offender based on these factors.

While Kansas does not have a specific “Level 5 felony,” offenses in the mid-range of severity may fall under different levels on the sentencing grid, such as Level 4, Level 6, or others, depending on the circumstances of the offense and the offender’s criminal history.

Consult the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines and relevant statutes to determine the specific penalties and sentencing guidelines for felony offenses in the state. These guidelines outline the range of penalties, including possible terms of imprisonment, fines, and other conditions, for each level of felony offense. Consulting with a legal professional familiar with Kansas law can provide specific guidance regarding felony offenses and their associated penalties.