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How Much Is A $100,000 Bail Bond?

how much is a 100000 bail bond

A $100,000 bail bond is usually for a more serious crime, and for a bail bondsman fee to front that kind of money for you would be 10% of the total bail bond. So you would pay the bail bondsman $10,000, either in cash, collateral or with a co-signer.

A $100,000 bail requires a lot of trust in the bondsman’s part.

So, the history of the defendant’s ability to show up and other factors like…

  • The charge itself, and the chance of you running from it?
  • History of offenses
  • History of showing up in court
  • Collateral
  • Any Co-signers
  • The co-signers credibility
  • Job and work history

Payment arrangements might even be possible.

Whether a bondsman wants to take up a $100,000 is totally up to the bondsman, and how he wants to write the contract.

Failure To Show In Court On A $100,000 Bond

Failure to show up in court means then that the bondsman will have to give the court $100k, so, depending on the contract details, you and your co-signers could have your wages garnished, be sued, be hunted down by bounty hunters (Big Fish Bail Bonds has some of the best in the state of Kansas), have your friends and family and workplaces called.