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How Do Inmates Text In Jail?

How Do Inmates Text In Jail?

Inmates do not have access to standard text messaging services like those available on personal cell phones while incarcerated. Some correctional facilities offer alternative methods for inmates to communicate electronically with approved contacts.

Here are a few common ways inmates may “text” while in jail…

  1. Secure Messaging Systems – Many jails and prisons have implemented secure messaging systems or kiosks that allow inmates to send and receive electronic messages to and from approved contacts. These systems often operate on a closed network and are monitored by correctional staff. Inmates can access the messaging system from designated terminals within the facility.
  2. Email Services – Some correctional facilities partner with third-party providers to offer email services for inmates. Inmates can send and receive emails to and from approved contacts through a secure online platform. Messages are typically subject to review and monitoring by correctional staff, and there may be restrictions on the types of content that can be sent.
  3. Tablet Programs – In recent years, some jails and prisons have introduced tablet programs that provide inmates with access to a range of services, including electronic messaging. Inmates can use tablets to send and receive messages, access educational materials, and use other approved applications. Tablet programs are often managed by third-party vendors and are subject to strict security measures and content restrictions.
  4. Text-to-Email Services – Inmates may also have access to services that allow them to send messages via text that are then converted to email format and delivered to approved contacts. These services typically involve a third-party provider that facilitates communication between inmates and their contacts outside the facility.

Communication options for inmates vary by facility, and not all correctional institutions offer electronic messaging services. Inmates are typically limited to communicating with pre-approved contacts, and all electronic communications are subject to review and monitoring by correctional staff for security purposes.