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What Happens If Someone Can’t Pay Their Bond?

What Happens If Someone Can't Pay Their Bond

If you don’t pay your full bond directly to the court when the bond amount is set, then you will have to stay in jail until your court date. If you paid a bail bonds company to from the money to the court for you, and you set up a payment plan to pay the bondsman, but fail to make payments or pay as agreed in your contract, then most likely bounty hunters will be coming to find you to put you back in jail.

Is the bail bond money refundable?

If you paid the court, then the money is refundable minus some small court fees. If you paid a bail bondsman, then the money is a ‘service fee’ for the bondsman taking the risk for you and going through the process and paperwork, and it is not refundable, even if you make your court date.