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When is it Time to Hire a Fugitive Recovery Agent?

When is it Time to Hire a Fugitive Recovery Agent….

When you’ve paid someone’s bail, and they miss a court appearance, then they fail to surrender within a certain period of time, you’ve lost your money. Unless the person can be recovered to appear in court. When a person “bail jumps” deliberately, you may need to invest in a fugitive recovery agent to bring them in and protect your investment.

How a Fugitive Recovery Team Works

When someone jumps bail, they can be difficult to find because they usually don’t want to be found. Are they still in Wichita? Are they even still in Kansas? They may be hard to locate without access to law enforcement databases and methods. Our fugitive recovery team has the resources and experience you need to bring the defendant into custody.

How a Fugitive Recovery Team Works

A good bail recovery agent knows how to use force to bring in a defendant, but we prefer other methods at Big Fish Bail Bonds. A true “bounty hunter” has many tools to bring defendants to justice, and research is the most important one. A good fugitive recovery team can learn a lot about a defendant with basic background and criminal record checks. Then we may use surveillance and social engineering to create a scenario in which the defendant chooses to come along willingly. Or we may contact people close to them who may be able to persuade them to surrender.

Bail enforcement agents also have special authority when hunting down a subject, compared to law enforcement personnel. An agent my enter a fugitive’s premises without a warrant, which can simplify the process of subject recovery.

Big Fish Bail Bonds brings years of investigative experience to clients in Wichita, Kansas, and our fugitive recovery team has a consistently high success rate of positive outcomes.

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