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Can You Bail Someone Out With No Money?

Can You Bail Someone Out With No Money

Yes, if you go through a bail bonds company, most of them offer alternative payments such as collateral in the form of a lien on a car, house, or even expensive items such as jewelry. Collateral is something given as security for the repayment of a loan. So if the bond is $5000 and you allow the bail bonds company to use your car as collateral and your car is worth $5,000, that might be acceptable instead of money.

The court, however, will not accept anything other than cash payments for bail bonds.

Bail bonds are an agreement between you and the bail bonds agency. Bail bonds are a service that is provided by private companies that are putting up the full bond on your behalf, and it is entirely up to them what kind of a deal they are willing to make based on your financial situation.