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Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages?

Here’s What Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages?

If you can’t afford to pay your bail while awaiting trial, you may decide to pay a bail bondsman to “loan” you the money for a 10 percent fee. The bond contract will probably require you to put up collateral, which is physical property that can be taken by the bond agent if you don’t pay the fee. It’s important to be aware that, if the value of the collateral doesn’t cover the full amount you owe, the bond company can require you to pay more money, and they have several legal methods for going after it.

Bail Bonds

Bail bond contracts are structured in a way that makes collection relatively straightforward for the bond agent, should you fail to appear in court or pay the bond company’s fee. The most common method used in a bond contract is to secure collateral—property that can be seized by the bond company, if you default. The following are some other forms of collection used by bond agents.

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages Through Civil Judgments

This is pretty straightforward stuff, and it applies to any situation in which you fail to pay money you owe. Like anyone else, a bondsman can file a lawsuit against you. Then a judge in a civil court case can order you to pay, and the bondsman now has a lot more tools at his disposal to collect the money.

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages - Civil Judgments

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages Through Garnishment

After winning a civil court judgment, a bondsman can garnish your wages. This takes matters out of your hands entirely by requiring your employer to set aside part of your wages to pay the debt.

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages - Garnishment

Garnishment Clauses

It’s worth mentioning that some bail companies’ contracts contain clauses that allow them to garnish wages without a court ruling, so it’s important to read your contract. If you miss a court date or fail to pay the bond fee, the bondsman can immediately begin garnishing your wages.

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages - Garnishment Clauses